How about doing some volunteering?

Volunteering can improve your career prospects. If looking for your first job is a daunting prospect, how about trying some volunteering first?

According to research recently carried out by Orange RockCorps, 56% of people think that volunteering improves career prospects. Of 3000 people surveyed in the UK, 44% think that volunteering will improve their chance of gaining a role and 60% of employers would look for volunteering experience on a CV.

Orange RockCorps graduate, Rosie Foster attributes her success in finding a role in the music business to a series of volunteering roles. But it’s not just about the work experience or meeting the right people when you’re volunteering, as Rosie says:

“˜Not only are you learning but you also feel really good about yourself and that shows in your personality.’

At a time when giving is so necessary, RockCorps leads the way in motivating people to get involved in volunteering. In the words of Stephen Greene (RockCorps CEO and Co-founder):

“˜Orange RockCorps volunteers are inspired from their experience volunteering, working in groups, learning new skills and ways of communicating. Volunteer works.’

Diddy Dirty Money at Rockcorps 2011

Orange RockCorps is a pro-social volunteer programme that rewards people with music incentives. In 2011, Orange Rockcorps volunteers racked up over 44,000 hours of volunteering returning for their 4th year in the UK in 2011 with a show which was the biggest all volunteer concert in UK history. Diddy Dirty Money took to the stage as very special guests alongside headliners Primal Scream, Kelis, Wretch 32, Professor Green and Eliza Doolittle. The incredible one- off event was enjoyed by 11,000 volunteers at Wembley Arena on 12 July 2011 and was broadcast by Channel 4.

Orange RockCorps’s Collective and You Decide initiative carry on nationwide. Volunteer for four hours and earn a musical reward. For more details visit:


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