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Domestic cats, like ISFPs, are popular and friendly despite spending a lot of time on their own. Kittens climb trees. In 1950, a four-month-old kitten climbed to the top of a mountain in the Alps. ISFPs also tend to like exploring the outdoors.

  • Can enjoy what's going on now.
  • Can adapt and change their plans.
  • Can be aware of people's strengths and beliefs.
  • Are popular team members but rarely push their views forward unless asked.
Famous Cats
  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt
  • Beyonce
  • David Beckham
    David Beckham
As Children
  • Active and often excel in music or art/crafts.
  • Enjoy activities, often solitary activities.
  • Usually enjoy the natural world (puddles, swimming pools, forests)
  • Life is a roller-coaster, a theme park - sensations, adventures and experiences to try out and enjoy.
  • Respond well to playing practical games.
  • May need to be encouraged to ask for help when they need it rather than trying to always find their own solution.
As Young People

They have an eye for quality and often have collections. They're often very close to their family and can feel nervous about leaving home.

They're loyal friends, good at solving problems.

As a Partner

They're usually good fun to be with, though often like time on their own to recharge their batteries.

At Work

Natural service providers.

Over-represented in social care, advice, retail, hospitality, horticulture, environmental, leisure, tourism transport, music and craft work.

Reduce Stress

Try finishing the important things before starting new projects.

Preferred Roles

Performer, promoter, improviser, carer.

Leadership Style

Caring, quiet, personal, democratic and flexible. Quite rare as leaders (because they are usually people rather than task focused) and therefore can bring in original perspectives and approaches to their role. Tend to like and offer freedom and independence to their team members.

Like to find out more?

Read more about Myers-Briggs type indicators on Wikipedia. For further information on personality and career choice, see Paul Teiger's 'Do What You Are'. Advice on understanding and improving relationships see Paul Teiger's 'Just My Type'. General books covering all of these topics include David Keirsey's 'Please Understand Me II' , Otto Kroeger's 'Type Talk' and David Hodgson's 'The Buzz'.

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