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Clown fish are energetic, creative and busy fish, and ENFPs usually share these qualities. Clown fish live among anemones but don't feel their stings due to a clever coating on their skin. ENFPs, too, are often thinking of new and clever ways of doing things, preferring variety and action to peace and quiet.

  • Can get things done at the last minute.
  • Are full of enthusiasm.
  • Can persuade others.
  • Can solve problems using imagination and improvisation.
Famous Clownfishs
  • Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe
  • Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross
  • Jamie Oliver
    Jamie Oliver
As Children
  • Enjoy variety/action, get bored easily and move on to something new
  • Imaginative and creative with ideas, words, toys and games.
  • Often have a good sense of humour.
  • Push boundaries and enjoy negotiating changes in the rules!
  • Often precocious and risk takers, accident-prone.
  • Generally do things at the last minute
  • Strive to be unique and 'different', perhaps with their own style.
  • Often popular but can be a threat to some teachers/adults who don't appreciate their original thinking!
As Young People

They're searching for their individual identity, drawn to express themselves through drama, words or art. They don't like being told what to do - they'd rather work that out for themselves.

As a Partner

They're usually fun to be with. They're romantic and also like their partners to be romantic. Because they're easily bored and distracted, novelty and surprise are welcomed.

At Work

Naturally creative.

Over-represented in media, journalism, psychology, counselling, teaching, marketing, therapies, advising and advocating.

Reduce Stress

Prioritize, focus and complete the important stuff.

Preferred Roles

Counsellor, healer, mentor, adviser, carer, catalyst.

Leadership Style

Visionary, catalyst, personal, value/seek harmony, flexible.

Tend to nurture their staff. Sometimes their desire to create a meaningful impact in the world whilst working in organisations with strict targets/objectives can cause personal stress.

Like to find out more?

Read more about Myers-Briggs type indicators on Wikipedia. For further information on personality and career choice, see Paul Teiger's 'Do What You Are'. Advice on understanding and improving relationships see Paul Teiger's 'Just My Type'. General books covering all of these topics include David Keirsey's 'Please Understand Me II' , Otto Kroeger's 'Type Talk' and David Hodgson's 'The Buzz'.

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