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I need to feel loved
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Many people say the dolphin is their favourite animal and ENFJs can be very popular too. Both usually share the qualities of intelligence, warmth, great vision and charisma. Dolphins can swim up to 32 kilometres or so (about 20 miles) an hour and sleep only in seven-minute naps. Like dolphins, ENFJs often need to move fast to fit everything in, often enjoying busy and complicated social lives

  • Friendly, popular, good communicators.
  • Can like variety and action.
  • Can focus on getting the job done.
  • Can be imaginative, creative problem solvers.
Famous Dolphins
  • Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp
  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez
  • Stephen Fry
    Stephen Fry
As Children
  • Bundles of energy, warmth, friendly and cheerful
  • Confident, sociable & like doing new things
  • Love cuddles and 'wear their hearts on their sleeves'
  • Natural performers
  • Tend to like school as a place to make friends and enjoy parties, playing at friends houses, family gatherings
  • Thrive when feel liked by teachers and other adults
  • Usually enjoy discussing opinions, values and views, especially about people.
  • Can put others' feelings and needs ahead of their own.
As Young People

They're usually popular, cooperative and friendly. People like their enthusiasm, warmth and compassion.

As a Partner

They're usually friendly, caring and loving. They work hard at making their relationships strong, deep and meaningful.

At Work

Natural counsellors

Over-represented in advice, marketing, PR, training, teaching, law, media/journalism, tourism and sales.

Reduce Stress

Take some time out for yourself. Don't spend all of your time solving other people's problems.

Preferred Roles

Healer, adviser, advocate, mentor, friend.

Leadership Style

Visionary, personal, democratic, value/seek harmony, organised. Sometimes their desire to please people and follow the rules can cause personal stress.

Like to find out more?

Read more about Myers-Briggs type indicators on Wikipedia. For further information on personality and career choice, see Paul Teiger's 'Do What You Are'. Advice on understanding and improving relationships see Paul Teiger's 'Just My Type'. General books covering all of these topics include David Keirsey's 'Please Understand Me II' , Otto Kroeger's 'Type Talk' and David Hodgson's 'The Buzz'.

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