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Lions are very sociable cats. They enjoy being with their families and relatives. ESFPs share this interest in socialising and having fun as a way to be close to their loved ones. Lions are graceful and skilful when hunting and ESFPs are often the same in sport or leisure activities that interest them.

  • Friendly, good communicators.
  • Are good at knowing what's going on.
  • Can join in with people with enthusiasm.
  • Can be generous and popular team members.
Famous Lions
  • Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga
  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber
  • Ant and Dec
    Ant and Dec
As Children
  • Active and energetic
  • Enjoy activities, often 'the life and soul' of a party and will often create a party if there isn't one!
  • Usually enjoy the natural world (puddles, swimming pools, forests)
  • Life is a roller-coaster, a theme park - sensations, adventures and experiences to try out and enjoy.
  • Respond well to playing and surprises.
  • Lions and Panthers may need to be encouraged to rest and recharge their batteries.
As Young People

They're usually popular and enthusiastic with a zest for life. They dislike routine and conflict - they may try to please everyone, which is difficult all of the time.

As a Partner

They're usually great fun to be with. They enjoy being with groups of people, not just on their own with their partner. They enjoy socialising. They can be generous with their time and money.

At Work

Natural performers.

Over-represented in practical service to people, social care, advice, counselling advocacy, retail, estate agency, hospitality, tourism and performing.

Reduce Stress

Don't play all of the time - recharge your batteries.

Preferred Roles

Crafter, carer, promoter.

Leadership Style

Energetic, caring and flexible. People focused. Can be risk takers. Generally keen to share their thoughts. Create a fast-paced and fun environment.

Tend to like and offer freedom and independence to their team members.

Like to find out more?

Read more about Myers-Briggs type indicators on Wikipedia. For further information on personality and career choice, see Paul Teiger's 'Do What You Are'. Advice on understanding and improving relationships see Paul Teiger's 'Just My Type'. General books covering all of these topics include David Keirsey's 'Please Understand Me II' , Otto Kroeger's 'Type Talk' and David Hodgson's 'The Buzz'.

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