Cosmopolitan magazine is an international, iconic brand. Established for over 38 years, Cosmo is the most widely-read woman’s monthly magazine in the UK. Cosmopolitan is the life, love and relationship bible!

Cosmo Girl for the day

Louise C - Editor

Louise C is Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine: "one minute you're looking at beautiful clothes, looking at lots of lovely lipsticks and make up, the next you're having a very in depth talk about sexual relationships." Her father wanted her to be a journalist... and she found out that he was right.

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Rosie M - Senior Features Writer

Rosie M is Senior Features Writer for Cosmopolitan magazine. "Writing has always been my big thing" she says, "to get where I am now, I did, first of all, lots of work experience, which everybody has to do... you often don't get paid". She even wrote for the company magazine when she was a petrol station attendant.

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Inge V - Beauty Director

Inge V is the Beauty Director on Cosmopolitan. Inge's story gives a lot of tips on getting into the media industry. She wanted to work in TV, "but it led to everything that came after." She says "if you work on things hard enough, you know, you go about it in a clever way and you push yourself, that you can make things happen."

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