Farrer & Co

Farrer & Co is a leading law firm with a distinguished reputation built up over many years, based on the goodwill of numerous close client relationships, outstanding expertise in specialist sectors and a careful attention to personal service and quality.

Farrer has supported icould from the beginning of its creation and throughout its development providing legal support for our work, including pro-bono advice.  They understand the value of icould as a tool for widening access to professional careers and the world of work and have commissioned us to work with them on a number of projects to film their own staff.


Lord David Neuberger - Judge

Lord David Neuberger is a Law Lord - "In ordinary English, that means I'm a member of what, for the United Kingdom, is the Supreme Court. I'm normally one of a group of five, deciding appeals... on normally important points of Law". He came to Law after trying several other jobs and, despite some setbacks, now has a very successful career in the justice sector.

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Anne-Marie P - Partner

Anne-Marie P is a Partner and the Head of the Farrer & Co's Charities Group. She works hard but says, "I like to spend as much time as I can with my family because, you know, it's like nobody ever said on their deathbed - 'I wish I'd spent more time in the office'".

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Jane R - Trainee Solicitor

Jane Randall is a Trainee Solicitor at Farrer & Co, "I started in the charity department and now I'm in the intellectual property and commercial team. It's always so different and so varied and every time you get a piece of praise it's such a great feeling and all kind of makes the job worth doing".

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