Jagex Ltd is an independent developer and publisher of online games with their headquarters in Cambridge, England. With 3 offices – 2 in Cambridge and 1 in London – Jagex has around 450 employees.

Jagex were an early supporter of icould. A large number of Jagex staff members have been filmed as part of the icould process. The team have also offered work taster days and one off experience for icould users. Jagex videos continue to enjoy high numbers of views both on the Runescape social network platforms and on YouTube.


Opportunities for women in video gaming

Mark G - Chief Executive

Mark G is the Chief Executive of Jagex Games Studios in Cambridge, he ensures the smooth running of the business from day to day - "I think I've really described my role as a lubricant in the machine, more than a gear or anything like that". Mark grew up on a farm in South Africa and came to England with his wife to start a family. He was head-hunted by Jagex and says, "I've worked with great people in my life, but I've never worked with so many great people at one place... Just being part of that is a real honour for me".

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Chihiro Y - Content Developer

Chihiro Y is a Runescape Content Developer for Jagex. "A content developer designs and implements content for the games. Producing what goes in the games, what the players play and how they see the game". He took a risk by leaving a career in science, but doesn't regret it, the best part of his job is "...working with a whole load of people who I understood and who understood me".

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Laura W - Head of Human Resources

Laura W is the Head of Human Resources at Jagex. She says, "Although looking back I hopped around a few jobs in my earlier years in my career. That really paid off, because I managed to find the right job for me and it really was through experimenting that I achieved that".

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Christoph V - Head of Runescape

Christoph V is the Head of Runescape at Jagex Limited, "I decide on what actually goes into the game, so I basically make sure that everything works very smoothly. It's beautiful when you see positive reactions from the players, nothings more rewarding than to work in a company, who's goal it is to make fun".

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