John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership’s 76,500 Partners own the leading UK retail businesses – John Lewis and Waitrose. Their founder’s vision of a successful business powered by its people and its principles defines their unique company today. The profits and benefits created by their success are shared by all our Partners.

icould has worked with the John Lewis Partnership and filmed their staff to assist their job recruitment work.  They use icould content on their own site as well as provide links through to

Focus on customer service is key to business success

Fiona M - Fashion Advisor

Fiona M is a fashion adviser at John Lewis in Oxford Street. She advises individual clients. She loves it when they say, "Oh my God, I would never have picked this up. I would never have thought of putting that together like that but it works. It's fantastic."

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Jatt S - Supply Chain Assistant

Jatt Sanghere is a supply chain assistant at John Lewis in Oxford Street. It can be a very busy and challenging job. He values the support of his family. He's sure he would have dropped out of university without his sister's help. He lives with his brother and his family, and his nieces inspire him to put his work life into perspective. "They just make me kind of forget. I can hit a reset button."

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Lisa E - Deputy Department Manager

Lisa E is currently a Deputy Department Manager at John Lewis. She wasn't enjoying her degree in law, so she looked around for other options. John Lewis appealed because of its graduate training scheme. "They train you on the job. You also start on a good salary and you're fast tracked throughout the company."

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