Lola Cars

The Lola Group comprises Lola Cars, Lola Composites and Lola Special Projects. Each element of the Group is located at a central state-of-the-art base in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

Charlie H - Racing Driver / Instructor

Charlie H is a Racing Driver and a Race Instructor with Lola Cars. "The biggest impact would probably be having my first go-kart bought for me and going and doing my first race." Racing influenced his school and college career and everything needed to fit in with racing. He won a Formula 3 race in melbourne and will compete at Le Mans.

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Ed C - Project Manager

Ed C is Project Manager at Lola Composites. "I'm half way to my dream job really". He was always passionate about automobile engineering. He chose a degree course in motor sport engineering and chose a placement that would give him good work experience (with Lola!)

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Sharon H - Manager of Engineering

Sharon H is Manager of the Engineering Group at Lola Composites. She says "I wanted to work in the sports industry but as I needed money as a student I did a job in Lola. I found I was actually quite good at organising things and Lola they offered the position of being a project engineer which I took up with open arms... New management recognised my skills and promoted me to manager of the engineering group."

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