The Big Society’s Big Mouth campaign aims to give people aged 16-25 a voice and a place to share their views on what matters most in society. The campaign is in response to a piece of research conducted by v, which spoke to over 1,000 of you in England and revealed that 82% of you don’t feel like you have any influence over government. Big Society’s Big Mouth campaign wants to change that!

We know how opinionated you guys are and it’s crucial that you influence political discussions which are about you or people your age. There are a number of ways you can get involved in the campaign:

1. Get involved: Contribute your ideas!

The main Big Society’s Big Mouth campaign is going on until May, when young people will present the findings of the campaign in Parliament. The organisers are looking for as many people as possible to get involved and make sure their voices are heard by the people that matter.

Perhaps you are worried about getting a job, or are concerned about EMA stopping and tuition fees increasing. If you have an opinion on anything or even just want to hear more about how you can get involved and make a difference, then head over to Big Society Big Mouth and check it out!

2. Get involved: Vote in the Big Society Big Mouth polls!

Another way you can become involved is by voting in the polls on the Big Society Big Mouth website. The results of the polls are going to be presented at the end of the campaign and aim to give a snapshot of how young people feel on certain issues. There have already been polls on whether internships should be free (the majority said they should) and whether people plan to vote for the Alternative Vote or not. It only takes 30 seconds to vote and you don’t need to sign up to do it, so check it out!

3. Get involved: Suggest politician questions!

Finally, some of the people taking part in the campaign are meeting Andrew Stunnell, the minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, on May 19th, and they are looking to crowd-source questions to ask him. If you have any ideas, they’d love to hear your suggestions.

To do all of these things, visit and get involved!

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