Could London Fashion Week 2011 inspire your career?

This Friday marks to start of 2011’s London Fashion Week, now in its 27th year and still as popular as ever!

Here at icould, we’ve got a lot to talk about when it comes to careers in the fashion industry. With such a broad range of opportunities, and so many different routes available, we thought it would be best to take this chance to give you an insight into what’s out there, who does it and how they got there in the world of fashion!

Julia Rowlands now works at Boden as an Ethical Trade Manager, but began her career journey when deciding to study Textiles at university. Julia went on to join Marks and Spencer’s placement scheme, “I was taken on by Marks and Spencer’s placement scheme along with a couple of other people from university. I was placed in two of their UK factories and did six months at each. The experience was invaluable and one of the things that helped me get my first real role was the fact that I already had a years experience in manufacturing, which was really crucial to the role that I went into”.

If you have a passion for clothes, and is the person in your friendship group that always advising your friends on what to wear and how to wear it, then perhaps a career as a Fashion Advisor is the wise choice for you? Fiona Mathieson‘s love of fabrics lead her into a career as a Fashion Advisor at John Lewis in Oxford Street, “I realise this is my absolute dream job and I’m very passionate about what I do. I’ve been working at John Lewis for so long, and people know me, they tell all their friends about me and then they come and see me, so it’s “˜Oh, go and see Fiona in John Lewis. She’ll help you out.’ So it’s a very, very rewarding job“.

Finding your dream job is something that we all want to achieve, and for Sahar Kasiri, it’s now a reality. Sahar works as a Fashion Buyer for Arcadia Group, a job she has dreamt of doing since she was a little girl, “I always knew I wanted to have a job where I travelled round the world. I used to play imaginary games where I would sit on a plane and talk in a foreign language that I would make up, pretending I was on a business trip! As I sort of grew up, when I was about sixteen, I was watching some catwalk trends on TV and I was really interested to know who the people were in the front rows”.

There are plenty of other fashion careers that you can find out about on icould, we have everything from a Fashion Photographer to the Editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. You never know, in a few years, it could be you in the front row at London Fashion Week!

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