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Rise in UK tuition fees proves boon for universities overseas

With UK university fees now costing up to £9000-a-year, studying abroad is becoming a competitive option for increasing numbers of students, especially given the grants and scholarships on offer in many US institutions.

Around 9000 British students studied in the US in 2011, and numbers are set to rise over the next couple of years.

With many degrees in European universities now taught in English, the trend in studying overseas is not confined to the US. Maastrict University in the Netherlands, for example, has seen applications from UK students more than double in the past year.

For some students, the benefits of studying abroad outweigh financial considerations, with the opportunity to live in a different country and experience a different culture, having its own appeal.  Students are also thinking ahead and preparing for the job market – studying overseas may help job applicants stand out or open up graduate career opportunities in other countries.

Further information

Prospects and The UK Council for International Student Affairs offer more information on studying abroad, and Directgov has details on funding.

The Erasmus scheme enables higher education students to study or work abroad as part of their degree in 33 European countries.

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