Do Something: Reverse Riots

New campaign Reverse Riots, is encouraging young people to make their voices heard through an online gallery of positive messages.

Backed by stars from Plan B to Mz Bratt, the gallery will feature thousands of images of young people, making a statement about their contribution to society.  Designed to challenge the negative perceptions of young people, the campaign runs until August 6, the one-year anniversary of last summer’s riots.

Get involved: write your statement on a board or piece of paper including the hashtag #ReverseRiots and take a picture of yourself, then upload your image here.

Set up by youth charity vInspired, Reverse Riots is the first campaign in their new Do Something UK programme, which aims to give young people quick, easy ways to create mass change by using the power of online to inspire offline action.

“We work with thousands of motivated, positive and community-minded young people and we see the impact that their creativity and energy has on communities across the country, quite the reverse of the images we see portrayed,” explains vInspired Chief Executive Terry Ryall.

“The Reverse Riots campaign is about reversing the growing negativity towards young people that was so crystallised during last year’s riots. It’s about giving young people the opportunity to reclaim their good image and force society to recognise the good stuff they have to offer.”

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