World Book Day 2012

Whether you’re the type to have your head buried in a book, or a budding new author, World Book Day 2012 is a celebration you don’t want to miss.

In its 15th year, World Book Day 2012 is not just about the authors, it a celebration of reading and books in general! Maybe you don’t want to be the writer and you’ve always dreamed of illustrating? Well why not make today a great reason to explore the many careers behind every book.

As many of you will already know, becoming a writer and getting published isn’t always going to be an easy ride. Children’s author, Jeremy Strong spent many years struggling, “I spent five years writing without getting anything published at all and of course, that was depressing. But of course, the moment you give up, you don’t have any chance of success whatsoever.”

Writing a book isn’t the only way that you could use your writing skills in your career, writing for a magazine can be just as rewarding. However, kick starting a career in magazine journalism doesn’t always start in the most glamorous way.

Rosie Mullender now works as the Senior Features Writer at Cosmopolitan magazine, but her writing career started off little more fairy tale than film script, “While I did my post-graduate qualification worked in the petrol station… I wrote for the Texaco in-house magazine, which was distributed to staff, and had a column called “Rosie Writes”. I talked all about my day as a petrol station attendant. It included very exciting stories about things like people over filling by a penny in their petrol, but it was a great start because it did show that I really was committed to working in magazines”.

For many budding writers finding inspiration is the hardest part, and it was no different for Angelina Ballerina author Katharine Holabird, “The inspiration for Angelina Ballerina really came from my daughters. So I have to give them the credit, because if I hadn’t been living with little children every day and watching these passions that they had for ballet, dancing and performing and all their dramatic ups and downs every day, I wouldn’t have been so inspired”.

World Book Day is your perfect excuse to explore all your favourite authors, illustrators and books. You might find somewhere amongst it the inspiration you need to kick start a writing career of your own.

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