Skills Development Scotland

Skills Development Scotland is a non-departmental public body which brought together the careers, skills, training and funding services of Careers Scotland, Scottish University for Industry (learndirect scotland) and the skills functions of Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Skills Development Scotland found the need to have a large amount of video content on their new My World of Work platform. In response to this need they struck up a partnership with icould and as a result licence the use of a large selection of icould videos on their site. icould and Skills Development Scotland continue to work closely, with discussions taking place around jointly creating some new video content.

Think Scotland!

Alan G - Mechanical Engineer

Alan G is a Mechanical Engineer with the Forestry Commission. He works on forestry machinery, tractors and road-going vehicles. He says "I really love working with my hands. My apprenticeship was mostly in the workshop, practical learning with a mechanic, but also at college as well."

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Liz S - Member of the Scottish Parliament

Liz S is a Conservative Member of the Scottish Parliament, and her party's spokesman on education. She was a teacher before she was elected. "My father died just as I was leaving school to go to University, very suddenly, and so I had to think quite carefully about the implications for the family... I think I matured and recognised that I had to take a lot of responsibility."

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Lynne G - Watch Manager

Lynn Gow is a Watch Officer in the Fire and Rescue Service. "Your mental capability is much, much stronger than your physical one. So, be sharp up top." She says " My job is to try and look at ways to encourage more women to join the fire and rescue service... I'm very, very comfortable in the place that I'm in just now so I'm now looking to learn. I've just started doing a degree."

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