Manufacturing and production

At its simplest, manufacturing involves turning raw materials into finished products. It involves a wide range of industries and career opportunities – most obviously in engineering and technology. Production involves the technical and supervisory planning and control of scientific manufacturing plants, along with the design, development and implementation of systems and procedures of ensuring products are of specified quality. Manufacturing and production is an industry open to students from all academic levels. For most factory floor staff roles and lower-level technical roles, no minimum qualifications are required. However, those wishing to break into managerial careers might find a degree or HND of use, particularly in management studies or business.

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Quality control and planning engineersSkilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisorsScience, engineering and production technicians n.e.c.Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electriciansVehicle body builders and repairers Paper and wood machine operativesMetal working machine operativesProduction managers and directors in manufacturingResearch and development managersQuality assurance and regulatory professionalsQuality assurance techniciansPlanning, process and production techniciansSmiths and forge workersMoulders, core makers and die castersSheet metal workersMetal plate workers, and rivetersWelding tradesMetal machining setters and setter-operatorsTool makers, tool fitters and markers-outMetal working production and maintenance fittersPrecision instrument makers and repairersAir-conditioning and refrigeration engineersVehicle paint techniciansAircraft maintenance and related tradesBoat and ship builders and repairersRail and rolling stock builders and repairersChemical and related process operativesRubber process operativesPlastics process operativesMetal making and treating process operativesElectroplatersProcess operatives n.e.c.Plant and machine operatives n.e.c.Assemblers (electrical and electronic products)Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)Routine inspectors and testersWeighers, graders and sortersTyre, exhaust and windscreen fittersAssemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c.

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