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Georgia L is a presenter on the online youth channel, SBTV. She had an interest in performing from an early age, which originally led her to a music contract. However, she found that presenting was where her strengths lie and is now one of the lead presenters on SBTV.

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average salary
The UK average salary is £27,011
average weekly hours
There are 39 hours in the average working week
43%  female  57%  male
The UK workforce is 47% female and 53% male

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Actors, entertainers and presenters sing, portray roles in dramatic productions, perform comedy routines, gymnastic feats and tricks of illusion, train animals to perform and perform with them, and introduce and present radio and television programmes.


Entry does not depend on academic qualifications although some drama schools require candidates to have GCSEs/S grades or A levels/H grades or a degree. Entry can be based upon an audition. Membership of the appropriate trade union is usually required. NVQs/SVQs in performing arts are available.


  • Studies script, play or book and prepares and rehearses interpretation
  • Assumes character created by a playwright or author and communicates this to an audience
  • Performs singing, comedy, acrobatic, illusion and conjuring routines
  • Trains animals to perform entertaining routines and may perform with them
  • Introduces and presents radio and television programmes, reads news bulletins and makes announcements
  • Conducts interviews and prepares reports for news broadcasts, current affairs programmes and documentaries
  • Plays pre-recorded music at nightclubs, discotheques, and private functions.
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Sport & recreation6,087
Arts & entertainment 5,484
Services to buildings2,953
Film &  music 2,798
Employment activities2,653
Other personal service 2,414
Other professional2,333
Publishing activities2,057
Head offices, etc1,673
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Matt R

My name’s Georgia Lewis–Anderson and I’m the presenter for the online music channel SBTV. I got to interview Jessie J, yeah we just said we really wanted it and she hooked it up and yeah we did it, it’s good. She was really nice she had this mad energy about her, just so comfortable in her own skin and really kind of eccentric but super self deprecating but really funny, like witty with it, I really liked her a lot. I really liked like art and music and drama, weirdly maths, but I hated science. I wasn’t the most well behaved but I had a lot of ambition but if, to be honest if I wasn’t interested then I wouldn’t do it, but I would work hard at the things I enjoyed. When I was ten I wanted to be a prime minister. And then I got a bit older and then I wanted to be a presenter, a TV presenter and yeah, that’s kind of honestly all I ever wanted to do. It happened, to be honest I worked really, really hard at it, like nothing fell into my lap. I mean obviously it did but you have to prepare for opportunities but it’s not like it kind of found me. So yeah, when I was 15, I took the day off school, sorry mum! And just went to an audition that I saw, I used to really like rock music, an audition I saw in NME. And it was for a girl band, I hadn’t even prepared a song and they were like ‘Oh what you going to sing’ and I was like ‘Oh I don’t know’ and like sung something. And I’m really not very good, I’m alright and I got it and from then on they just were giving me money, and putting me in the studio, they took us on holiday to get us to know each other and bond as a band and like ridiculous, and then it didn’t happen, so I think when I was doing my A-levels, I did alright but in the back of my mind I’d never applied for uni, I was always like ‘Oh I don’t need this its fine’. I think when that didn’t happen, even thought it wasn’t what I wanted to do, I was like right, I’m not waiting for any other opportunities, I’m not taking anything for granted and I’m going to work bloody hard for what I want to do. Yeah, it was crushing, it was definitely a big catalyst, even though it wasn’t really where my passions lay. Me and Jamal were obsessed with this guy called Matt Edmondson, he’s on T4 now, he’s got a radio one show. And then Jamal bumped into him somewhere and he was like we are obsessed with you, we have to interview you. He was like what the hell’s SBTV, looked at it, said I don’t want to be interviewed, but I really like Georgia. I was really flattered and then I got a big campaign with Adidas and other people were asking me to do work outside of SBTV and I didn’t really know how to handle it. I emailed him and I was like, look I’m negotiating contracts here and I have no idea what I’m doing. I know you are really, really busy but is there any chance at all that you could like give me 2 minutes of your time, or just some advice. Which is what my dad told me to do actually, and then he was like yeah, here’s my number and I was like ‘What!’ And since then he’s been like really, like a really big mentor to me, gone out of his way to help me, which he really didn’t have to, because he’s a really big guy in his own right. And he pitched my uni dissertation to radio one which now we’re making into a documentary, and he got me an agent, and yeah, he’s just really good. A high for me, was there’s this band called The Bullits, they are, they produce like Jay Electronica’s album and they do loads of, he’s done loads of work with like Mariah Carey and stuff and he was like Zane Lowe’s the hottest record in the world, its like sort of future Hip Hop, but the whole album’s narrated by Lucy Liu and they’ve got this really weird twitter feed where its like, its from the perspective of this girl, that’s like murdering people and she’s really upset but then it kind of like integrates with all the songs, it’s a really mad concept and the music is amazing. So for that we did, we did, sort of like we combined it with the twitter feed and sort of became part of the story, so it was kind of like acting so I’d be like ‘right we’re on the run, we’ve got this girl’s driver and he’s going to give us more of an insight into all of these murders and that was really good and then the second video we did, Ldris Elba burst in on the studio when I was doing an interview with the driver and was like ‘Get out, what the hell are you doing here?’ so I think stuff like that is really fun to do.  

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