Architecture, building and planning degree guide      

What Uni?It’s all about planning and designing structures, then putting those plans into effect. Architecture deals with the design stage – using a blend of creativity and scientific knowledge to develop structures of all shapes and sizes – and building and town planning is what comes after; building courses teach students how to follow a design through to completion, while town planning courses look at the possible effects that might come from the implementation of the design for a new building or development.

In this way all three are linked – if you go into building, for instance, you’ll be working along both architects and town planners – while still being very separate disciplines.


All three options are incredibly satisfying, as they allow you to actually create something tangible that you can be proud of. Architecture, building and planning all stand out from many other jobs in that you actually have something solid to show for your efforts at the end of a project – whether it’s a structure or a carefully planned development.

If you’re interested in maths and problem solving (and if you have a creative or artistic streak), then a degree in one of the above subjects could be well suited to you.


For building and planning students, most graduates will go on to gain their fully chartered status by working on the job (some companies will even allow you to work part-time while completing your training). If you study architecture, chances are you’ll want to complete your seven years and become a fully qualified architect. However, if you realise after the first three years that you actually don’t want to pursue architecture as a career, don’t panic – you can always take your undergraduate degree and go into a different field (such as engineering or construction), or re-train by doing a postgraduate qualification.

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