Article brief: My day in five pictures

This is a picture diary piece, with pictures taken on your mobile phone or supplied by you.

The aim is to provide an insight into your typical working day.

You need to select five times in your day, and for each provide a corresponding picture, together with an explanatory sentence (or two).

Example: park manager

Time: 10.00am

Image: people in park looking at plans

Text: Site visit with the project team to discuss a new sports pavilion, planned to replace the existing changing rooms next to the park football pitches.

Other details

Images need to be landscape format and if possible, at least 770px wide. Letterbox images work particularly well (the ideal size is 770px by 280px).

Please also provide the following information to help us write an introduction:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Your company/organisation name
  • Your job title
  • A line or two about what your job involves. Example: ‘I’m responsible for the day-to-day management of the park, such as landscaping, planting and general maintenance, such as grass cutting and litter collection.’
  • A few lines of background information such as what you did before, how long you’ve been in your current role, how you got into your line of work, education/training, past career dreams, future career hopes, hobbies/interests. Example: ‘I started out in an office job but hated being stuck behind a desk. I’d always loved plants and one day saw an apprenticeship advertised as a park gardener, so decided to apply. I got on the scheme and worked my way up from there.’


Please keep sentences short and easy-to-understand and make sure images are not subject to third party copyright.

We don’t promote paid-for services or products in the main body of an article, but  usually can include links and/or mentions in a line at the end of your piece.

See our guest post guidelines for more details on writing for icould.