Five reasons to take a closer look at apprenticeships

Take a closer look at apprenticeshipsHave you thought about an apprenticeship? Here’s why you could be on to a good thing…

1. Get a future

Apprenticeships are real jobs with training – so you can really boost your job prospects by learning skills and getting that all-important work experience at the same time. And don’t forget, it’s much easier to plan your future once you’ve got a taste of what a job or role is actually like.

2. Get paid

A real job means a real wage and money in your pocket. Starting salaries vary depending on your age, the company you’re working for and the level of your apprenticeship. But with all apprenticeships there are no course fees and you get paid holidays too.

3. Get stuck in

Most of your time on an apprenticeship is spent learning by doing, with support from your work colleagues – people with the very job you’re training to do. You also study towards recognised qualifications. This is often for a day a week at a local college (sometimes called day release) and helps you develop skills and background knowledge relevant to your job.

4. Take your pick

With hundreds of roles in subjects from animal care to IT, apprenticeships can open the door to a wide range of jobs and industries. There are four main levels of apprenticeship so you can choose to learn at a level that suits you.

5. Be part of something on the up

With over 90 cent of apprentices now going into work or further training following their apprenticeship and government-backing for the scheme to grow, the future of apprenticeships as a career route looks stronger than ever.

Think an apprenticeship could be for you, why not take a closer look?

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