Top ten career questions

top_career_questions_300From starting to think about your future to making big decisions, our top ten career questions (and answers) should spark ideas and provide helpful information. 

1. I don’t know what I want to do – where do I start?

Take the Buzz Quiz to discover your strengths and what makes you tick.

Explore icould videos by job type or by subject to get some ideas about different jobs.

And take a look at our Starting Points series for short tasks and challenges to get you thinking about careers.

2. I’m choosing my options – what subjects should I take?

See how GCSE choices can shape your future direction, and get help choosing your options and thinking about career ideas with our easy-to-use guide, Choices at 14.

3. What can I do after my GCSEs?

From A-levels to apprenticeships, find out what options are out there, what’s right for you and why it’s important to research your decisions with Choices at 16.

4. Should I go to university?

Choices at 18: what now? has lots of details about going to university, as well as information about other options.

And see Everything you need to know about student finance for information on costs, fees, loans, applying for student finance and budget advice.

5. What about a gap year or volunteering?

Focus on Gap Years looks at gap year options and issues and is packed with tips and advice on making the most of a year out.

And see Get volunteering for useful information on how you can make a difference and shape your future.

6. What can you tell me about apprenticeships?

Take a look at Focus on Apprenticeships to find out what an apprenticeship is, learn about the different schemes on offer and see where an apprenticeship could take you.

7. How can I get a job?

Eight way to look for work has ideas on where to look for vacancies and Successful job hunting for tips on getting a job.

And we’ve plenty of advice on creating strong CVs and job applications as well as hints on handling interviews.

8. I’d like to start my own business – where can I go for help?

Our entrepreneurship directory lists organisations providing information, support and advice to help get your idea off the ground.

9. I’ve changed my mind – what can I do?

Our career videos are full of stories about re-training, changing careers, getting back on track or just doing things differently. Changing direction is actually very common and recent research shows that people today can expect to work in a dozen or more different jobs across a number of different career areas.

Whatever your situation, there is usually a path you can take to get where you want to be. Research your options, speak to a teacher, tutor or careers advisor (see below), then make a plan.

10. How can I speak to a careers advisor?

If you’re studying, you may be able to speak to an advisor at your school, college or university.

Alternatively, if you live in England, you can talk to a careers advisor at the National Careers Service.

In Scotland, Skills Development Scotland’s My World of Work has a webchat option if you want to speak to an advisor or you can call their helpline on 0800 917 8000.

If you live in Wales, you can phone or email an advisor at  Career Wales or have a webchat.

And in Northern Ireland, you can phone a careers advisor at NI Direct Careers Advice.

And finally…

For general tips on making choices see Getting to grips with decisions and Weighing up your options.