Choosing your options: Your advice and views

Your views on choosing your optionsWe asked you to share your experiences – what helped shape your decisions and what advice would you give to current year nine students. 

Here’s a selection of your responses:

“Look into what you might want to do for A-level and at university too, because even though you will probably change your mind about five times between now and then, some subjects require certain GCSEs, and it would be a shame to narrow down your future career options because you didn’t do the research.”

“I made my decision by considering the options available to me and ruling out any definite options I didn’t want to take. From the options left, I decided I wanted to keep my options open so wanted to take art, humanities and a language. Speaking to my parents and friends was also very helpful and both parties played a key role in helping me choose my options.”

“I wanted to rebel against my parents who wanted me to take up German as I was very good at French. My friends were doing Sciences and I wanted to be with them. I found it difficult and, as I wasn’t overly interested or capable, I got average marks.”

“I choose French, History, Art and Music – all subjects I enjoyed.  I went on to study French and History at A-level, and French at university – so the subjects I choose for my options influenced what I did later.”

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Choosing your options

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