Entering the job market? Tips for recent graduates and students

Career specialists Position Ignition offer their top tips on preparing to enter the job market. 

There are a few key things that as a student or recent graduate, you may want to be considering as you enter into the job market. It’s a tough market out there if you aren’t prepared and aren’t sure what to do so think about the following tips:

1. Get Clarity

How clear you are about what you want to do after university is critical.  Taking your first step into your first full-time role is the single largest challenge at any stage of a person’s working life.

In order to get clear about what you want to do and what will be a great fit, experiment. Research, ask around, learn, try things out and really experiment until you get a real sense of where you want to go. If you’re thinking about a career in technology take a look at this career tool by JPMorgan to start exploring where you could go.

2. Use Your Tenacity

As a recent graduate or student you need to commit to finding a job, get on with it and not give up. You need to get yourself out there and be disciplined about it. Keep at it and don’t expect anything to be handed to you on a plate. Stay determined and put the leg work in to make sure you get the best opportunity available to you.

3. Be Flexible

How adaptable are you going to be about location, the type of job and how much you will be paid? Think about what is right for you but also what is realistic to expect. If you are flexible you are likely to be in a better position to negotiate a deal that will work for everyone.

4. Have Courage

Have the heart to try new things.  Sometimes it is good to experiment, to feel uncomfortable and to put yourself into those positions.  It helps us to understand what we really don’t want and what we do.

5. Start Early

Not thinking about job hunting early enough is the most common issue that people have.  Think about your career plan and path as early as possible. Whether you’re a young student, recent graduate, post-graduate or mature student – starting early and really planning what you are going to do after your studies have finished is important. Ideally you will have set up a job to start in as soon as you finish your degree or course.

Getting clear is the crucial first step.  If you understand what you are trying to achieve you have a great chance of achieving it.

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