Environmental apprenticeships

environmental_apprenticeships_300Lots of apprenticeships have an environmental element. Find out about three of the most relevant if you’re looking for a green career.

Environmental conservation

This is the most directly environmental apprenticeship, and will teach the important you need to preserve the environment both locally and globally.

There are four main routes within this apprenticeship:

  • Environmental conservation
  • Access and recreation (helping the public to access and enjoy the environment)
  • Rivers, coasts and waterways (including studying flood risk and erosion)
  • Dry stone walling


As well as practical and scientific skills like surveying and monitoring, you can learn skills like how to work with community groups and how to manage volunteers which can be used in a variety of careers.

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Trees and timber

Chopping down trees might sound like the opposite of looking after the environment, but proper management of forests is vital to their health.

A trees and timber apprenticeship teaches you how to plant, care for and manage forests and woodlands, whether it’s to create good habitats, protect the landscape or provide wood for industry. You’ll also learn to use tools like chainsaws, pesticides and harvesting machines safely and effectively, gaining certificates of competency in these areas.

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Sustainable resource management

Waste management may not be the most glamorous of careers, but it’s a very important part of reducing our impact on the environment. A sustainable resource management apprenticeship covers things like recycling, treating waste to make it less harmful and gathering energy from waste, as well as waste collection and transport.

Everyone makes waste, so apprenticeships in this area are available with a variety of organisations, including local authorities, private businesses and even community groups.

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