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film industry careers_300We’re all familiar with that long list of names as the credits role, but have you ever wondered what all those people actually do?  Here’s our take on some of those behind- the-scenes roles in the film and TV industry.

Lots of people start out with the general idea that they want to work in film or TV, but figuring out what you really want to do within the industry is key to getting ahead.

There are plenty of media courses which can provide a good grounding and technical know-how but it’s important to do your research before ploughing ahead with your studies, as for many positions there’s no set route to success.

What’s more, often qualifications are just a starting point – what really counts are your other skills, such as working well in a team and above all, relevant work experience.

Guess who?Some roles have particular names to the industry.The Gaffer is the Chief Electrician or Lighting Technician and The Best Boy is the next in command.The Grip is in charge of building and maintaining all the equipment that supports the cameras.The Greensman buys, arranges and maintains foliage and other greenery on the set.

Foley Artists reproduce everyday sounds and sound effects to enhance the sound track of a film. This is because sounds are often lost or never even created when the film is being shot.  Some sound effects, such as footsteps over wooden floorboards, may be recreated in a sound studio by performing the same action again, whilst others can come from the most unlikely of sources. Many explosions, for example, are nothing more than a carrier bag being crinkled very close to a microphone.

What can a career in film and TV involve?

Working in film and TV covers many roles.  Here are just some of the types and jobs involved:

There is also a variety of roles in distribution, the process of releasing films into cinemas. See Careers in film distribution for more details.

And not forgetting those in cinemas, such as film buyers, area managers, and programmers.

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