Future job prospects in the media industry

Future job prospects in the media industry

The big event in the media world is digital switchover in 2012.

After digital switchover, the media landscape will be radically different; consumers will want to access content in a manner of their own choosing. Channel 4‘s Jo Taylor tells us how this will affect trying to find a career in media.

Bedroom start-ups

This will impact fair access to the creative career ladders available to both new entrants, current employers and the freelance community as the entry points and succession points will be more broadly spread and less specifically defined. 50 years ago, for example, the entry point into the UK media industry would have been an apprenticeship at the BBC. As the commercial industry has developed, more opportunities have arisen at companies such as ITV and Channels 4 and 5. The advances in digital technology have expanded opportunities much further by reducing start-up costs to a point where many production companies start life as small businesses. It is now completely feasible to start up a business from a bedroom.

Anything is possible

In the current climate, the media industry needs to develop a culture that encourages creative people to be aspirational throughout their careers by demonstrating that anything is possible. Even more, we need to provide inspiration for those starting out and may be uncertain about what avenue to follow. These key themes, we believe, are critical in the current economic times and are major drivers for the Digital Britain report which released its recommendations in June 2009.

Entrepreneurial spirit

So what are the implications of this new and even freer market for career planning? It means that media employers will be looking for people who have developed and who understand what their skills are, and how they want to use them. It is this entrepreneurial spirit that will unlock the potential development of the UK creative economy now and in the future.

Jo Taylor, Head of Learning & 4Talent, Channel 4

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