Getting ready for an interview

Before attending an interview it is important to make sure that you get to know yourself. So here’s a helping hand from Standard Life about the what you need to think about before you get into the interview room. Why not have a go at answering a few of the questions below:

Your Strengths and Weakness

What are your strengths?

What are some of the things that you are not so good at?

Your accomplishments and achievements

What are your strongest and weakest subjects at school, and why?

What are your interests?

What are your short term goals? Think about goals that can be supported by the job you will be interviewing for, and what skills you would like to develop.

What do you like/dislike? Think about personalities, tasks, types of work.

What disappointments/set backs have you experienced? This could be in a part-time job, an incidents at school, or maybe issues you have had with friends.

How have you dealt with the disappointments?

Key decisions you have made

Have a think about the kinds of difficult decisions your have had to make. It could be decisions for yourself, your family, your education.

So now your know about yourself and what you want to know about the job and organisation, take a look at the Top Tips below to make sure that you are ‘interview perfect’:

  • Note down contact name and telephone number, even address in case you forget.
  • Check out how long it takes to get there and what mode of transport you will need to take
  • Freshen up your hair with a haircut
  • Match up your clothes for a smart appearance
  • Plan out what you would want to say about yourself
  • Think about questions they may ask and how you would answer them
  • Show that you are a confident and pleasant person
  • Sit up but don’t look rigid or nervous. You are happy to be there as it is a great opportunity for you to show you are worth employing.

Good luck!