“In 5 years time I’d like to be a BBC 6 Music Presenter”

Shola Aleje’s career so far has involved being Editor of Live Magazine, a Music4Good Apprentice at SonyBMG and Junior PR at the British Music Experience. Shola now works for Metropolis, London’s top rock recording studios, as a Booker for 4 Mastering Engineers. icould caught up with her to try and find out the key to having such a successful career.

What is the biggest challenge you have at the moment?

Trying to keep all of our clients happy. It’s quite a strenuous job keeping on top of bookings, delivering masters, processing invoices and trying to get more work in, whilst trying to look and keep cool-headed!

What is the most exciting aspect of your work?

I guess meeting my idols, great musicians, producers and engineers, it’s really inspiring. On my first week I met Liam Gallagher so that was pretty cool. Also it’s nice that you’re not meeting them as a fan but as someone who is part of the process to getting their album released. I’m very lucky that with my job I have the opportunity to speak to musicians on a level where I can really learn about music.

What do you know now that you wish you had known earlier in life?

That being a music purist can only get you so far! I’m a firm believer that being a good person and having a strong work ethic can only help matters.

Has anyone been a mentor to you?

So many people have helped me get where I am, people always say to me that “you’re your own best teacher”, but having the words and wisdom of others has really helped me and has been integral with my progress. Without the guys at Livity, I doubt I’d be where I am today!

Would your classmates from school be surprised at what you’re doing now?

I know for a fact they are! I get messages on facebook asking for advice from people at school who are trying to break into the industry. I’m very grateful to be working in this industry but it’s not only about meeting “˜Celebrities’. With schoolmates I don’t hold onto grudges, even those who have been mean to me in the past, I’ll still give them advice. I do believe people can and do change. Also many of us were idiots at school anyway – myself included!

What school subjects were you good at and have any been surprisingly helpful later on?

Maths! That’s helped me with percentages for calculating invoices. Strangely enough Religious Studies has shown me some guidance even though I’m not particularly religious.

What’s your desert island essential that you couldn’t do without?

If it was music, then Primal Scream’s Screamadelica album. I feel that record encompasses everything I believe about in music. Unlimited pesto and spaghetti helps too.

What was the proudest moment of your life so far?

Getting the job I’m at now, it’s really strenuous at times and it’s taught me the importance of honesty and patience.

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

Hopefully on BBC 6 Music with my own show! Radio is where I really feel at home, and is the reason I got into the music I like now. As a kid not many people wanted to listen to Elton John and Roxy Music with me, so having a DJ on Magic FM spout the beauty of those records made me not feel alone (and married to Huey Morgan – one can dream!).