Job Insight: Central Heating Installations Apprentice at British Gas

Des Flannelly, a Central Heating Installations Apprentice at British Gas, gives us a snapshot of his career so far and what it’s like to be an Apprentice.

What were you doing before you joined British Gas?

I worked as a Technical Supervisor for a loft and cavity wall insulation company.

What made you decide to join the apprenticeship/trainee scheme?

I wanted to gain new skills and secure a long term future.

Can you remember your first day of your training? What was your initial impression?

I was nervous but excited, it seemed to be a great company to work for and the role was compatible with my previous experience. I was also looking forward to receiving world class training.

What’s been the most memorable part of your training so far?

I enjoyed bonding with my team mates on the residential week. It was a great way to break down barriers and by the second day the whole group was really comfortable with each other. Considering we had only known each other for 48 hours I was surprised at how well everyone got one.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the British Gas apprenticeship/trainee scheme?

The chance to learn a difficult trade in a relaxed environment, but having the utmost confidence in the British Gas training programme, its second to none. It’s great that the time is split between the training centres and hands on experience, its amazing what you pick up and what sticks with you.