Job jackpot

SLottery ballstuck for career ideas? Our Starting points series offers a range of short tasks, challenges and games to get you thinking.

Sometimes you only see what you’re looking for, even if it’s right in front of you (this is known in psychology as selective attention – take a quick video test here).

This also applies to careers – it’s easy to think about obvious options which may not always appeal to you and overlook lots of possibilities in the process.

Perhaps it’s a simple case that the jobs that would interest you just aren’t on your radar?

This easy game is designed to get you thinking about some of the careers out there:

Game: Job jackpot

  1. Choose a set period of time – an hour, a day, or even a week.
  2. Estimate how many jobs you’ll come into contact with during that time.
  3. Make a note when you see someone doing a job – for example, ambulance driver, surveyor, swimming instructor.
  4. When your time’s up, compare your final score to that of your earlier guess.

How accurate was your estimate? Are there any surprises on your list? Did you discover a job that you’ve never thought about before or that’s new to you? Is there anything you want to find out more about?

You can play a TV version of this game – just choose a suitable programme which features people in a range of jobs – the news is a good example – and away you go!

And if you come across a job type that you want to find out more about, check out our videos by job type to see a range of real-life career stories.