Job search and application tips

job search and application tipsFocus and organisation are the keys to a successful job search, say career experts Position Ignition. Here are their top tips for getting it right.

1. Know what you want

Have a clear idea of what you seek. The clearer you are on this, the more specific you can be. This will refine your area of search. It also allows you to be smart to see whether a vacancy is the right job, sector and geographic location for you or not. If not, don’t waste your time.

2. Have a plan

Before going online and searching for jobs or filling in application forms, make sure that you have a plan and a focus on what you are looking for and what roles will fit you well. It’s easy once you’re in front of a computer to get distracted so outline your targets and actions before you start.

3. Do your research

The more that you understand about the job and the organisation you’re applying to the better.  Armed with this information you are in a good position to fill in the application appropriately.

4. Create lists

Keep a list of jobs that you are applying for and where you can, keep a copy of the application form you filled in. Make sure that you keep track of what you have put yourself forward for so that if any are successful, you can refer back to what you wrote and be well prepared for your interview.

5. Prepare

Prepare your CV, and a document of  useful phrases, bullet points and paragraphs. This can then be used as basis for your applications.

6. Know your boundaries

Think about what you really want and the type of role that would work for you. Establish some clear criteria and constraints, such as the number of hours you want to work, how many miles you want to commute and how important bonus, pensions and benefits are to you.

8. Less is more

Usually we think that the more jobs we apply for the better chance we have of having success, yet it is sometimes actually the other way around. Focusing on doing a few applications really well and making sure that you are genuinely a good fit for them is likely to put you in a much stronger position than applying for anything and everything half-heartedly.

9. Get reliable references

Agree with one or two people in advance to be your referee. Where possible, select referees who know your chosen sector or job role and never use a referee’s name and contact details without checking with them first.

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