Love what you do!

We’re always keen to show you what kind of jobs you could do in the future, and I’m sure for many of you; your dream job involves doing something fairly cool and interesting.

Last Thursday I got the chance to visit BlackBerry® head offices and hear about what it’s like to work for a company whose slogan is ‘Love What You Do’, and it turns out, they really do!!

When you think of BlackBerry, the last thing you think about is careers; it’s all BBMâ„¢, BlackBerry® Torchâ„¢ 9800 Smartphone and Jessie J. But behind that product and celebrity there is plenty of opportunity for a great career at one of the coolest brands!

RIM®, the company who produce the BlackBerry devices has a Head Office in Slough. When I arrived, the UK Managing Director, Stephen Bates, was talking to a group of students from a local school about what he does. We heard all about BlackBerry from a man who really loves his job! However, one of the most exciting aspects of the presentation (and Stephen’s job!) was the chance to play with the new and currently unreleased BlackBerry products!

Trying and testing the BlackBerry® PlayBookâ„¢ tablet and latest BlackBerry smartphones is a sure way to get your audience interested in what you do. Once we’d finished playing games, logging onto Facebook and watching 1080pi videos on the new BlackBerry PlayBook, it was clear to see why Stephen believed he had one of the best jobs in the world, “I get to play with lots of toys”.

We then had a workshop, testing us to see how much we all knew about both BlackBerry (some of this involved ‘Digging Deeper’ and actually taking apart a BlackBerry® Pearlâ„¢ Smartphone), and also finding out about the history of communications. Shamefully, when asked to list how we communicated before telephones, the students did a lot better than the teachers (surely the teachers were there so they should have known!).

After a tasty lunch in the RIM café we met Richard Pilkington, Senior Manager, Creative UK for BlackBerry. Seeing what it’s like to work for such a big brand is really exciting, and the students loved the idea of having a job where you can create adverts and campaigns for BlackBerry – one pupil was even brave enough to ask for work experience!

The day ended with the students being split into groups and challenged to create a new BlackBerry product, identify their target audience and then create an advert for that audience. One team acted out a TV advert; one filmed an ad and two teams made print adverts. They presented to a team of very important judges! Team Smile won with their BlackBerry TV but it was a closely fought competition.

The overall experience of a day at BlackBerry really helps to give you an insight into what it’s really like to work for such a famous brand. Keep an eye on the site over the next few months to find out more about BlackBerry and the lucky people who work there!