My day in five pictures: apprentice upholsterer

apprentice upholstererJoe Gill has been an apprentice upholsterer for two years and works mainly with Chesterfield sofas. He’s training to become a qualified upholsterer and achieve his NVQ Level 2 and 3 Certificates in upholstery.

Here’s a snapshot of his working day.

10am: Pre-delivery inspections

delivery inspectionsA customer has purchased a couple of pieces of furniture that we have in our showroom. We take a trip there to remove them and conduct a thorough inspection. This is so we can ensure that our furniture is in the best possible condition before delivery next week.

11am: At my workstation

at my workstationI’m now back working on the production line, helping to put together one of our popular Stirling wing chairs. When the piece of furniture arrives at my work station, I begin by attaching piping to the face of its arm.

11.30am: Building the arm of a chair

building the arm of a chairOnce I’ve completed the piping, I move on to attaching specialist webbing to the arms of the chair. This will help to anchor the buttons I’m going to attach while upholstering them. I then add foam, which will help to create the shape of the finished chair. Next, I prepare the chair’s sprung seating unit, which is what we use to make our chairs and sofas especially comfortable.

4.30pm: A successful inspection

successful inspectionTowards the end of the day, a chair that I have upholstered previously is inspected. This one has been made using the world-famous ‘Harris Tweed’ and is given the thumbs-up by my colleagues.

5pm: Nearly home time

the end of the dayThe end of the day and a visit to the showroom to see some of my finished products.

Joe is working and studying for his NVQs at Timeless Chesterfields, a company which creates handcrafted furniture.

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