New job- Culture and Communications Manager


I have always been interested in other languages and cultures and in working with people from diverse backgrounds. I studied languages at university and then qualified as an English language trainer which gave me the opportunity to live and work in France and Spain.

I joined Communicaid over six years ago to manage not only English and foreign language trainers but also consultants who delivered cultural awareness training programmes.

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What I actually do

Since joining Communicaid our culture business has grown beyond recognition, so much so that I am the “˜Culture and Communication Manager.’

I am responsible for this very exciting area of Communicaid’s business. My role involves ensuring the development and delivery of all Cultural Awareness and Communication Skills training solutions and this includes recruiting freelance consultants, programme and materials design, product development, writing proposals, attending sales meetings and I also try to find time to do some training myself.

Why is there a need?

Globalisation is a present and future reality. It has resulted in an increase in the mobility of both capital and people which in turn has caused a dramatic growth in the number of organisations coming to us for cultural awareness training as well as in the range of programmes we are now required to offer our clients in the increasing complex global arena in which they operate. In any one day, we might receive requests for training for a family relocating to Shanghai, a team of software developers working on a project with an Indian partner, a new intake of graduate trainees who need a general understanding of intercultural communication or a senior management team considering an overseas acquisition.

Qualifications and experience needed

A number of universities now offer Masters programmes in Intercultural Communication but it is also important to ensure that you have practical experience of working in and with other cultures if you are interested in this field.

Cathy Wellings