New job – online DJ tutor

With the new era of online video logging and live streaming, a DJ can now sell themselves to the world from a small bedroom in the middle of nowhere and spread the word through social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and YouTube. All you need is a webcam and off you go!

Party DJ

My job is all about giving advice, demonstrating how gear works, motivating people and trying to inspire people into becoming a DJ.

I left school at 16 and worked in various hotels and restaurants as a chef. As I started to become interested in becoming a DJ, other, older DJs helped me out by giving me records and lending me lighting kit until I got my own.

I reached this point by just being natural and not over selling myself, too many people try to ‘act’ on the web when in reality, the majority of people want to see someone like them, someone who does make mistakes and is not perfect.

To be successful you need to be honest to the people you are talking to and most importantly be honest with yourself!

It’s quite simple to legally set up a business but I have had to work hard at promoting myself and contacting people to find gigs. When you work for yourself, you are your own boss so it’s up to you to do as well as you can. Your time is yours but if you do not work, you don’t get paid. But the rewards can be great and always remember to be honest and polite and not step on others on the way.

When I tutor online, I try to advise, motivate and inspire. I now seem to help people of all ages, from 9 to 90, inspiring them not only to become a DJ but to look at who they are and what they can do with their lives.

And finally, I always finish every video tutorial with the following message:

“Practice and practice and even if you make mistakes you will learn from them and when you do, never get annoyed, just enjoy because this is the whole philosophy behind getting better.”

Johnathan Lewis

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