NHS Leadership Academy – General Management

The NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme is a comprehensive programme that aims to equip graduates with the expertise needed to become successful leaders in the NHS. We take a look at some of the kind of career you can expect when joining the NHS Leadership Academy.

Simon Pizzey – General Management

Helping people is my big passion in life, so the first reason I joined the NHS was because I felt it offered the only graduate management scheme which would let me make a real difference to the most vulnerable in society. The second was the brilliant rewards, career prospects and education offered.

I have to say that working here has been exactly what I expected: hard work, often frustrating and sometimes political, but ultimately incredibly rewarding. The sense of achievement you get knowing you’ve done something to improve patient care is amazing.

I’m based in the East of England region, which is fascinating because it’s so diverse, with affluent and deprived areas sitting side-by-side. It’s also right at the forefront of innovation and development: for example, it was implementing government reforms even before they became policy.

My most recent placement involved designing, producing and implementing a Referral Management Toolkit for 16 GP practices in Huntingdonshire. Basically it’s a series of dashboards that GPs can use to compare referrals to outpatient departments not only against other practices, but also by specific GPs and by specialities. Hopefully this will promote peer discussion and review and eventually achieving savings.

No two days are ever the same in my job. Certain things do crop up on a regular basis though, such as meetings with clinical and non-clinical staff, analysing data and writing reports. My greatest achievement so far has been carrying out research and producing a board level report which identified over £500,000 of annual savings as well as staff morale boosting initiatives.

The education, coaching and leadership skills training I’ve received have helped me to become a professional manager who can handle difficult and stressful situations. They’ve also made me more politically aware – something that’s vital in the NHS.

Joining the NHS is a life-changing career move. You can gain a postgraduate qualification and develop a skill set that will make you stand out from the crowd –and at the same time you’ll be making a real difference.

For more information about the NHS Leadership Academy take a look at their website.