Richard Thompson: An Apprentice in Creative and Digital Media

Richard Thompson took the Apprenticeship in Digital and Creative MediaAfter completing his A-levels in English, Media and Music Technology, Richard decided against going to University and applied for an Advanced Apprenticeship in Creative & Digital Media at Twofour Productions.

Richard realised the benefits of taking such a qualification immediately, “I never thought ‘I want an Apprenticeship’ – I was going to Uni – but as soon as I had finished my A-levels I thought ‘I don’t want to go around with £24,000 on my back, with no job.’ So an Apprenticeship is a practical qualification in the Media industry; this is experience as well as a bit of money on the side.”

Working at a TV production company has involved rotating round different departments including Technical Support and the Digital / TV departments, each giving him new experiences and opportunities to see different aspects of how the company works.

“I think the best thing about this course is at the end; our CVs, in terms of Media experience, are going to look pretty special. With the reputation this company has and our CVs we would likely get a job in another media department/company: we will be qualified for a lot of different jobs in the industry.”

Moving from college to employment has also changed Richards’s attitudes to work, “I went on a film shoot around the University of Plymouth. It was great fun! I was runner and soundman so it was really good experience for interacting with people, and when you walk around with the camera you get this sense of responsibility. While I have been working here I want everything to be done to perfection and it has given me fulfilment to do that perfect work.”

When asked what his final words about the Apprenticeship would be Richard said, “I never realised that there were apprenticeships outside of Bricklaying and Hairdressing or that you could do one in such a creative but office based environment.”

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This article has been republished with thanks to Creative Skillset.