It’s always good when you get to stand next to Dave Grohl!

Tim Pearson is Head of Marketing and Events at NME Magazine. He started his career working as an Events Manager at University of Central Lancashire and realised that the events industry was his calling.

Tell us about your job and what you do?

My job is to make sure that the NME brand is represented correctly with partnerships and marketing communications that we deliver. I make sure that the right partnerships are taking place and look after the marketing around events such as the NME awards. Overall my job is to make the NME brand looks cool, talking to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

What is the secret to doing your job well?

It’s important to stay current with marketing techniques and social media. Our audience is no longer in one area so we have to make sure that our marketing reaches across multiple media platforms which include TV, radio, events, print and a web presence. Making sure that your campaigns can work across all these platforms and that there is cohesion between all channels is a crucial part of getting it right.

Who has influenced you career so far?

I went to University not knowing what I wanted to do. I didn’t get into my first or second choice of Uni so I ended up going to the University of Central Lancashire to study American Studies. I joined the entrainments Committee and by the Christmas I had booked my first gig and started up a regular club night. I’d say my biggest influence there was the Events Manager, he showed me how to build my career and how to “˜work’. I learnt about prioritising and organising and went on to spend 5 years working as the University’s Entertainment Officer.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your current role?

Money and resource! I want to do so much but I haven’t always got the budget to do it. There is a lot of “˜have to do’ that needs to be paid for before I can do the “˜nice to do’ things. We’d love to be able to do more partnerships, but those kinds of things require a lot of money in order for them to be successful.

What is the most exciting aspect of your role?

Working with the talent is always exciting, it’s what gets you up in the morning. At this year’s NME Awards we worked closely with the Foo Fighters, it’s always good when you get to stand next to Dave Grohl as he “rocks out” with his guitar whilst stood on a table.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known before?

To learn to enjoy things a little more! Everyone can get stressed; it’s good to learn to enjoy the ride.

Were there any subjects that you studied at school that were helpful?

Not really, I mainly studied Humanities subjects at school. Although I do wish that I’d paid more attention. I only really started to enjoy education when I went on to do a Masters in Business Administration. That was when I realised that my calling was in the Events industry.

Is there anything that you regret not doing?

Regrets are something that should be learnt from and not dwelled on. You need to move on from regrets, look to the future and find what to do next!

What is your proudest moment?

I would have to say the club night that I ran. It went on for 12 years and ran in Preston, Lancaster, Lake District and Blackpool. Standing in a DJ booth with 2000-3000 people screaming and knowing that you created what they’re enjoying, that’s a real buzz, the best buzz ever!