Taking a Gap Summer

taking a gap summerIf taking a year out is not an option, why not compress the concept into your summer break?  After all, three-months off is something most people in the working world can only dream about, and it’s plenty of time to do something fun, meaningful and different. Check out our ideas to get you started…

Go InterRailing

If long-haul flights are not for you, why not try the overland option and travel Europe with an InterRail pass? There are various tickets available, offering travel within and between 30 European countries for up to a month. Prices start at £46 for a single country pass and £159 for a global pass.

Take a working holiday

There are loads of organisations that provide overseas volunteering placements but make sure you do your research before booking a place. Raleigh International offer five to ten week expeditions, volunteering in community and environmental projects in countries including Borneo, Costa Rica and Tanzania.

Closer to home, The National Trust offers a range of short breaks and week-long working holidays, involving a variety of conservation tasks. Check out their last minute availability, for projects starting soon.



There’s no need to travel in order to volunteer – there are thousands of projects all over the country on the look out for extra support.  Get more information and suggestions in our volunteering directory.


Put your toe in the (career) water

Give some thought to your career. What are your plans when you finish studying? And what can you can do now, or over the next year or so to help you get there? Nothing beats relevant work experience but if you’re short of ideas then now’s a great time to try out new things to see what you like. Research companies, organisations or sectors that interest you or try following developments in a particular industry through the general media and trade press. You can get an idea of the opportunities out there and demonstrate sector interest and knowledge in applications and interviews.


Find out more

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