The truth about Freshers’ week

The social side of universtityFreshers’ week was honestly mind-blowing, almost every single person who has survived this week, with no sleep and ridiculous fancy dress, will tell you so.

I made many friends in that week, some who I know will go to the end of the world with me if I ask them, others who can drink me under the table quite happily, some who have become my big brothers, and others who make revision and coursework assignments verge on being bearable.

Freshers week is also a time to join different societies and groups, and these are an obvious way to meet people with similar interests. I joined a couple of fun sports groups, along with the Art Society, which holds fantastic Life Drawing classes. I also became a member of the Art History Society (guess my course!!) They were great at introducing us first years to lecturers and other students from the years above, and also at organising trips to galleries. I signed up for the visit to Tate Liverpool, which was a Saturday spent with a collection of familiar friends from my lectures, but also with loads of new people too.

Apart from the clubs and societies, I also decided to put myself forward for First Year Student Representative of Art History, an enormously long title for a role, which is fairly simple, and got me involved with the Department. It has been great to see that the student’s ideas and opinions are really cared about and included. Also as part of the Department, there is a small gallery in which I managed to gain part-time work, great for a student’s bank account, and also really good for references and the CV.

A group of halls set in the campus soon becomes a community, with a huge variety of people and backgrounds, all bringing knowledge and opinions that have broadened my understanding of different cultures. I have learnt a great deal about politics and religious beliefs across the world, mostly whilst eating breakfast or walking to the bus. I have also discovered a lot about myself, and after my first year at university, I feel that I am just at the beginning.

Maisie Matthews