Turn reporter and find out what jobs really involve

turn reporterStuck for career ideas? Our Starting points series offers a range of short tasks, challenges and games to get you thinking.

Many people don’t understand what most jobs really involve, beyond a general or vague idea.

You may know that Aunty Cath works for the council, but what does she actually do?

Even familiar jobs such as teachers often include tasks and responsibilities that aren’t always obvious.

Challenge: turn reporter. Talk to friends and family about their jobs and get a first-hand view of what doing a particular job is really like.

Even if you don’t like the sound of a job, it may involve an interesting skill, task or activity. You can then find out more, including if there are any related jobs which focus on those parts you like.

  • Can you describe an average day?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing?
  • What would you say are the three most important skills needed for your job?
  • What’s easy or hard about your work?
  • What do you like or dislike about your job?
  • What jobs have you had before?
  • How did you decide what you wanted to do after school?

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*Star report* – win a £25 iTunes voucher

Write up your interview and sent it to us with a picture of the person you interviewed. We’ll publish the best entries and enter you into a  draw at the end of each term to win one of three £25 iTunes vouchers.

  • Photos should be minimum of 320 x 240 pixels. 
  • Interviews should be no longer than 650 words.

Please send interviews to info@icould.org.uk with ‘Star report’ in the subject field and read our terms and conditions before entering. By entering the competition you agree to our terms and conditions.