Volunteering: the way forward

We live in a world where working life is geared towards earning a salary and where financial competition is the order of the day.

This can be seen in the way the education system is set-up: primary to secondary school, college to university and then straight into employment. While there may be nothing wrong with this type of academic/professional progression, it’s important to also work on our personal development, and this is where volunteering plays an important part.

During the long summer holidays, most students are faced with a number of options regarding how to spend their time. It could be securing a paid job, spending some time travelling or perhaps volunteering.

The ones who choose to volunteer do so for good causes and as result give back to the community without expecting any form of reward, especially financial. However there are huge benefits to be had in return for volunteering:

Personal Development

It is a bold and conscious decision to decide to volunteer and work for free. It’s something that must be thought through and most volunteers always have a good reason for wanting to do so. Volunteering can be a great confidence boost and gives the feel-good-factor that you’re doing something beneficial for the community.

Professional Development

It is believed that people who have done voluntary work before go on to excel when they eventually get into paid work. This is because they gain certain professional skills as a volunteer which they are able to use in their future career jobs.

Keeping young people off the streets

There are examples of people across the country that have abandoned gang culture and turned a new leaf through volunteering. Rather than causing trouble in society: volunteering helps people to actually become responsible and give a little bit back.

Rewards for work well done

There are schemes set in place to reward volunteers for their good work. Volunteers are awarded certificates to show how they have given their time to benefit the community. vinspired issue two types of awards: The v50 for 50 hours of volunteering and the vimpact for hundred hours of volunteering.

There are many different types of opportunities available when going into volunteering. The voluntary sector is set-up like the secular working system where potential employees have so many careers to choose from. The opportunities volunteers can choose from based on their area of interest include:

  • Film & technology
  • Children & young people
  • Music
  • Environment
  • Construction & practical work
  • Media & marketing
  • Animals & wildlife
  • Teaching & mentoring
  • Sports & coaching
  • Campaigning & fundraising
  • Creative & design
  • Arts & performance
  • Events & festivals

For more information on volunteering please visit www.vinspired.com or contact v on 0207 7960 7000.