What does a Web Development and Management Consultant do?

I run a business called Webwordwizards.com. I help businesses employing between 1 – 25 people with their IT, along with developing and managing their websites. I also promote them and their products online, often coming up with increasingly creative and imaginative online social media marketing campaigns.

This role involves actual design work using really cool software such as Dreamweaver for web design, Photoshop for images, and I use Premiere to do videos that show my client’s products on their websites and also on YouTube.

My job also involves acquiring and managing internet names (called domain names or web addresses).

Defending domain names

This ‘domain’ management work in 2007 took a very unexpected turn and proved very demanding for me as I had to defend some clients (a group of pensioners) ownership for their ‘domain name’ in a big legal battle from a large company who wanted it for their new shopping centre. It involved worldwide press and media attention which became incredibly exciting.

As a result of winning this case the company had to rename their new shopping centre and I now get other companies contacting me to assist them in this way also, which was something I never planned for or foresaw when I started this business. This work is now important to me financially.

Continuous learning

Not having qualifications has made succeeding in life difficult. I started designing websites after teaching myself to design one for another business I owned in 1996. I got better as I practiced and learned new skills and found the design work suited me as I was quite creative and imaginative which are qualities needed for this work.

I got most of my work from going round talking to businesses as well as from existing clients speaking to other businesses about me. I spend 60% of my time working and 40% learning as there is always change and I need to stay up to date. Being creative and imaginative is important. In the legal battle which was almost impossible to win, believing we actually could win, staying positive and not listening to negative people was important.

IT and Digital Media will develop and will do so out of all recognition from how it is today. People working in this business will have an incredibly fun, exciting and rewarding time.

Mel Gordon

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