History degree guide

What Uni?It’s all about the past – what happened, why these things happened, and how they affected other events in the big old timeline of the human race. History is a massive subject (there are obviously thousands of years of UK history alone, and that’s before you even start thinking about the rest of the world), so you’ll probably find you end up dipping in to a number of different areas over the course of your degree.

History involves the analysis of significant world events such as revolutions, wars and political shifts, and includes the study of various sources (these could be anything from articles and texts to images and objects). Historians often apply their findings to the wider history of an area, making links between events and shaping an overall idea of how and why a country, society, or culture has changed over time.


Studying history not only allows you to delve into a variety of different cultures and eras, but it also equips you with a range of handy (and transferable) skills. You’ll learn how to analyse and interpret information, how to formulate a solid argument, and how to communicate your views both verbally and through a well-constructed essay.

All employers value good writing, analytical and communication skills, so studying history should also stand you in good stead when it comes to looking for a graduate job.


So where do the majority of history graduates end up? Well in short, they end up in all sorts of different places. Although the skills you’ll learn on your degree will make you especially well suited to careers in the likes of journalism, marketing, PR, advertising, and publishing, you could also just as easily go into business and finance.

If you’re looking for a job that’s particularly relevant to what you’ve studied, you could also consider finding work in a museum, or even going in to research and academia (you’d need to get your master’s degree and your PhD first, though).

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