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Jhanai Lelitte_1_(C) Priya Dabasia_Being ManKind (1)-770New campaign celebrates stories from positive male role models.

Being Mankind Volume 1 is a new collection of stories told by men from all walks of life which aims to to challenge traditional male stereotypes, create conversations and make positive change.

From one man’s use of comedy to break the stigma around anorexia, to a paratrooper who lost his legs on the battlefield and now rows for Great Britain, each story offers an opportunity for boys to draw on a range of experiences and to decide for themselves what it means to be a man.

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Available as a book with a powerful foreword by the World Heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua MBE, you can also read stories online, share your own thoughts and experiences and encourage others to join the conversation.

As Anthony Joshua writes, “It’s easy to follow the crowd rather than make your own decisions. Be open, be honest, and be an individual thinker. We have the blueprints of those before us to build our own futures.”

For every book sold, another is donated to a school or youth organisation.

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