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eleanor_winnSixth-form student Eleanor Winn has won the Connell Essay Prize for her piece on Jez Butterworth’s play Jerusalem. We caught up with her to talk about choosing subjects, future plans and dream jobs.

How did you choose your A-level subjects?

I do English, history, maths and economics at A-level. It was near impossible for me to decide, and originally I was doing physics, but eventually I decided to focus on humanities, as I always knew that English was what I wanted to do after school. So I really can’t say that I regret any of my choices, amazingly! I would have liked to take drama, and carry on with science… as you can see I’m about the least decisive person on the planet. All I knew was that I didn’t want to do languages – French oral exams were my literal hell!

What are you plans after sixth-form?

After A-levels, I’m hoping to do an English degree. History has always been my other favourite subject, so I’m looking forward to finding the overlap between the two. I think I’d like to take a gap year first and go travelling. But knowing me I’d probably spend the entire year lying in bed re-reading books.

Have you any career ideas?

To be honest, I don’t have a clue what I’ll end up doing after university. Being a novelist is pretty much the dream, but I’m also really interested in journalism so who knows! I’m also never going to give up on my aspiration to be an astronaut. So the best answer I can give is that I’ll be the first novelist-in-residence on the International Space Station. I think it’s important to always have realistic expectations.

The 2015 Connell Essay Prize was judged by children’s author, Philip Pullman. Read the winning essays and find out more about the essay prize at the Connell Review. 

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