Nursing degree guide

What Uni?If you’re interested in the medical profession and you get a kick out of helping people, you should strongly consider a degree in nursing. Nurses play a key role in patient experience and often act as the first point of contact for patients and visitors. While it is the doctors that make diagnostic decisions and perform surgical procedures, it is often the nurses who take responsibility for administering medical treatment.


Nursing is an extremely fast-paced and rewarding career within the medical sector. Talented nursing staff are essential to the running of hospitals and other institutions providing healthcare services. If you are passionate about healthcare and are looking to pursue a career helping people, then nursing may be your ideal course.


Once you pass your course, you will be a qualified practitioner and – if you want – you will be able to start looking for nursing jobs straight away. The NHS is the UK’s largest employer of nursing staff, although it is possible to work for private companies, charities, or even to work abroad (as many countries consider nursing to be an ‘essential skill’).

However, some nursing graduates opt to enter other professions upon graduation. Social work, care work and even medical journalism are all popular options for students looking for an alternative career path.

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