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Is that a real job?
This fun exercise aims to get students thinking about a wider range of career possibilities.
Student worksheet: Is that a real job? 
Teacher/adviser notes: Is that a real job? 

Career paths
This exercise looks at the notion that everyone has a varied career path and that there is no one set path in life.
Student worksheet: Career paths
Teacher/adviser notes: Career paths

Using the Buzz Quiz
This exercise looks at matching personality types with potential careers and offers ways to talk about skills and strengths.
Student worksheet: The Buzz Quiz
Teacher/adviser extension exercise: The Buzz Quiz

Unique Selling Points
This exercise introduces the concept of unique selling points to students, looking at other people’s and their own.
Student worksheet: Unique selling points
Teacher/adviser notes: Unique selling points

Exploring careers
Encourage students to start thinking how skills and qualifications are related to jobs, and possible routes at 16.
Student worksheet: Exploring careers
Teacher/adviser notes: Exploring careers

Considering higher education
This exercise encourages students to look at the value of university and the difference it can make to careers.
Student worksheet: Higher education exercise
Teacher/adviser notes: Higher education exercise