Art Teacher
George Salter Collegiate School

Art Teacher
George Salter Collegiate School

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Carolyn O’Doherty

0.00.00 My name’s Carolyn O’Doherty. I’m an art teacher and I work at George Salter Collegiate Academy in West Bromwich. We teach lots of different art forms really, and traditional things like pottery or textiles and currently now we’re doing an animation, once they’re learning how to animate their own drawings and flash and things like that. I really enjoy teaching in general but I love my subject. I’m very passionate about it, about showing new things to students, showing them that although they find it hard maybe academically within school

0.00.30 that they can find something that they really do succeed in and that they are passionate about as well, and showing them my passion I think gives them something to cling onto within school. I was very quiet at school. I was kind of head down, I got on with my work, I did what I needed. I wasn’t an A star student at all. I was always kind of a C / D, always pushing to get a C. As a child I’ve always enjoyed art. It’s the one thing I’ve really succeeded. It’s something that I’ve always been good at and have always had a go and it’s always something I did in my own time.

0.01.00 It wasn’t just a subject for me, it was something that I did as a hobby. My brothers and sisters basically were, they were forced to endure my little art lessons and things like that so they had to make little art things as well. So that, working with them has definitely encouraged me to work with younger people. My mum was always a nurse and my dad always worked in construction and in building, so it’s quite traditional. So for them to see me go on and do something different, in fact it was really nice and I was the first family member to have achieved a degree as well. I really loved university. I wasn’t a typical student that went out partying or doing anything like that really.

0.01.30 But I really enjoyed my course. I was doing as much as I could, trying new techniques, working with new materials and I worked really hard to get where I got with my degree. The first job I had as an art technician came about by total accident. I was working in my exhibition, my final exhibition for the degree and a local teacher came along and said, you know, would you like to come and interview for a job as an art technician and so it happened by complete accident but I’m really that it did cos I really enjoyed it.

0.02.00 Well I was actually born in Ireland and we moved over when I was about two or three. We moved over to a fairly kind of low kind of council state area within Northampton within England. All of us realised that although we lived in kind of a pretty much a low kind of local area, we wanted more and as a family when we finally bought our own house and moved out of the area and moved to a nicer area, it was lovely and really nice, you don’t have to just deal with what you have. You can always do better and I think it doesn’t, it doesn’t take money, it doesn’t take loads of intelligence, I think it just takes a lot of hard work really.

0.02.30 In the little spare time that I have at the moment, I go to see kind of bands and things like that. I like to go and see gigs and kind of keep up with my music, that’s the thing that I’m really interested in. At the minute I think I’m more work than life, but I think that’s kind of an investment because I think when you start teaching it is an investment for life really, it’s a career that I can see myself doing for a long time. And I’m putting a lot of work and effort in now so that I know that in the next few years I won’t need to put in as much.

0.03.00 In five / ten years time I think I’d like to be running a department within a school, so an art department. That’s roughly where I see myself within the next five to ten years. But I think teaching currently, it isn’t just a static job anymore. I think it’s very open. I think you can move in lots of different directions with it. My father, he had a, he had a construction business and during, I think it was 90s, there was a big kind of collapse in construction and they lost kind of the business that way and, you know, lots of things happened as a result of that.

0.03.30 And that was a really big hit to our family. So that was a really quite a, quite a big traumatic part of our life really. I think it has had an impact in the fact that I know that I want to make sure that my career is sound and it’s safe and that not only that I choose a safe career, but that I choose a career that is viable, it’s going to stay, that, you know, throughout local or economical problems, I want a career that will keep me sustained really.



Carolyn O is an Art Teacher at George Salter Collegiate School. "I really enjoy teaching in general but I love my subject. I'm very passionate about it." She was the first in her family to go to University and she feels the security of a job like teaching is important.

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